4 Tips to Deal with the Coworker You Hate

A study of over 1,100 employees conducted by psychologists found something amusing: Coworkers considered difficult were described the way that people with personality disorders are described in professional manuals. In other words, that coworker you hate might really be a little nuts. In an article for Fast Company, Gwen Moran shares some tips to reassess how you approach this troublesome person:

  1. Reflect on your own history: It could be that you do not like the person just because he or she has a trait in common with somebody you did not like in the past.
  2. Make your needs known: If there is a specific behavior you do not like about a person, then address it with that person using a “When [you do something stupid], I feel [bad]” format, albeit with courteous language.
  3. Check your expectations and assumptions: If you expect everyone to think, act, and react like you do, you will be disappointed. Try to appreciate how others tick.
  4. Recognize your triggers: Find the patterns in what sorts of things drive you crazy, and try to silence those emotions in yourself preemptively before they have a full chance to blow up on anyone.

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