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4 Reasons Why Your Self-Service Portal Isn’t Working

Having a reliable and well-established self-service portal can bring a mound of benefits to your organization and customer satisfaction. Self-service offers 24-hour support and immediate access to information, instead of having to wait for an email response or a returned telephone call. However, the success of a self-service portal depends on different factors, and it can turn into a big problem if it’s not popularized or deployed in an effective way. James West, in writing for SITS, lists four reasons why self-service isn’t working for your service desk:

  1. Customers don’t know about it.
  2. It asks too much of the customer.
  3. Information is outdated.
  4. It’s hard to navigate.

Leverage Personalized Services

An effective self-service portal is able to reduce the number of tickets handled by the service desk and provide support for customers, thereby boosting customer satisfaction. However, it would be ironic if you build a nearly impeccable self-service portal but your customers don’t even know about its existence. It’s just not enough to send out one mass email. Keep pressing its benefits in a paced strategy.

With the self-service portal, always make things simpler and easier for customers to use. The more steps that are involved, the more likely people are to give up halfway into it. This goes doubly for how long the process takes to even find the portal: Look at your portal and see how many clicks there are to reach the point of available help, if a log-in password is necessary, and how fast the whole process is to get some assistance.

Another major problem that various self-service systems have is keeping outdated information. If self-service tools are difficult to edit and update, they will cost time and effort of your service desk staff. West goes on to write this:

Effective self-service does require effort to build and maintain.  But the rewards for those service desks who persist and get it right are huge.  Make sure you’ve tackled the points raised above and you’re well on your way to experiencing the power of customer self-service.

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