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3 Tips to Use Humor Naturally at Work

If you try too hard to be funny, everyone will hate you. That is why Jennifer Winter offers some practical tips to be funny in your own natural way in an article for the Muse. For instance, her first tip is to stop trying to be funny. She explains how, in the past, urges to try and be funny just because her colleagues were being funny would come back to bite her—because her jokes were not funny.

Another tip is to make a basic effort to keep up with pop culture. Popular TV shows and music create a shared language you can tap into for comedy’s sake. For instance, I somehow still see “hips don’t lie” jokes whenever Shakira is referenced on the Internet, and that song is from 2006. (Then again, I might be the only person regularly keeping tabs on Shakira anymore.) And Winter’s final tip is to keep humor “PC and PG”—if you would not make a joke in front of your best friend’s young child, you probably should not say it at the office either. At the very least, keep your edgy zingers reserved for your closest colleagues.

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