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Office Etiquette, or How to Not Be Annoying

There is a lot of advice about being a courteous employee that should just be intuitive, yet some people could stand to receive a reminder. In an article for Forbes, Lisa Quast gives us this reminder. Here is a sampling of tips that can make for a happier and less annoying work experience:

  • Meetings: Do not schedule meetings back-to-back. Include an appropriate buffer that allows you to always show up to meetings punctually. And when you are in those meetings, get the most value out of them by paying full attention to speakers and not multitasking. Then ensure the meetings end on time. Do not hold meetings in open spaces where discussion could interrupt other people’s work either.
  • Senses: Take your stinky food somewhere else to eat it, and lay off of the thick, asthma-activating perfume. Put your phone on vibrate and speak at a quiet volume so as not to create distractions. And wear clothing that emphasizes your professionalism, not your other assets.

If someone else is practicing poor etiquette, give that person a gentle heads-up about it in private. If the behavior continues anyway, escalate to HR to get that moron sorted out.

You can view the original article here:

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