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Little Strategies to Get to Know People

Work goes by quicker and easier when people know and trust each other. Linda Ray shares some little strategies to learn about each other in an article for Chron. For instance, there is always the method of just asking colleagues random silly questions and seeing what happens. Another thing you can do is invite everyone out to lunch on a regular basis; Ray suggests weekly, but I think monthly may be more practical. (But then again, I am a cheapskate, and even a monthly meal sounds pricey to me.)

Before staff meetings, you might also consider setting up short games that allow people to play in teams together. You could, for instance, quiz teams about the office (e.g., “What color are the flowers in the foyer?”). Lastly, if you are on a team that has just formed, you might spend a few minutes each morning for the first week introducing information about yourselves. You might even want to have coworkers introduce each other, for an added layer of socialization.

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