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How You Can Make Your Team Care about Project Processes

With some employees, it isn’t a matter of ability but of attitude. Mike Adams, in writing for the Association for Project Management, says that the best way to balance your team differences and get the most out of them is to make them focus on commonalities—get your team to care about the common goals and how to achieve them. He shares a list of things that help bring your team on the right track of the project:

  1. Timelines
  2. Communication
  3. Project plan
  4. Status meetings/check-ins
  5. Managing client expectations
  6. Budget
  7. Safety

Make the Most of Your Human Capital

Every project has strict timelines to ensure the constant progress of the team. However, you have to make sure that your members take these dates seriously, and devote their time to completing work on time and with good quality. Procrastinating does not benefit anyone—in the work context, your mistake can bring many others down and affect the productivity of the business as a whole. In order to keep track of your team’s progress and concerns, reach out to them and make them communicate with you in return. Each person has a different preference for communication, as some respond more quickly over the phone, while others check emails every hour. However, collaboration is about compromising and adapting to each other’s needs, so be more understanding and active in initiating communications.

The key in managing people is to always be clear with instructions and expectations for your team. Let them know the seriousness of a meeting, and provide direction for a project. Don’t put them in a maze, and make them figure out the exit on their own. You will also need people who are both flexible and decisive in communicating with customers—people who do their best to meet customers’ needs, while still being able to say “no” to avoid creating unrealistic expectations.

Staying on budget with your project has been as essential as going to the market with a wallet. But if there are other members of the team regularly recommending products that may exceed the budget, help them see why there can be better options instead of straightly refuting them. Adams also writes about educating your team about the safety of a project:

Do your team care about how safe the project is? This could be the safety of themselves, the rest of the team, contractors, customers, visitors – anyone who is likely to be around during the project and once the project is complete. Safety is not only imperative for the smooth running of a project, but for legal requirements. Not being bought in to health and safety can be deadly, especially in construction projects. By making sure that everyone on your team is engaged in health and safety practice, you’re helping to keep your team safe and showing them that you care, too

The best way to care about the result is to care about the process underlying it. You can view the original post here:

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