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7 Ways to Get Along Better with Your Coworkers

You probably spend at least eight hours a day with your work colleagues, so you might as well get along with them. Dawn Rosenberg McKay explains how with seven straightforward tips in an article for the Balance:

  1. Respect your colleagues and be considerate of them.
  2. Play it safe and avoid tricky conversation subjects, like politics, bowel movements, or family jail convictions.
  3. Get your work relationship off to a good start by exuding warmth and learning colleagues’ interests.
  4. Find ways to get along with the difficult or annoying people. The power exists within you.
  5. Do not gossip. There are more compelling topics out there.
  6. Practice good office etiquette.
  7. Practice general kindness. If you see colleagues struggling, do something to help or make them feel better.

You can view the original article here:

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