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6 Better Ways to Get to Know Coworkers than Grabbing Coffee

Coffee is expensive and makes your teeth change colors. Why does this need to be the go-to way to spend time with work colleagues? In an article for the Muse, Saqi Mehta shares some alternatives.

Whether face to face or just over instant message, there is nothing stopping you from just discussing a goofy topic from time to time, like favorite guilty pleasure TV show. You might discover that you have a hobby in common, which becomes a new built-in topic for future conversation. And speaking of instant messages, a good stupid reaction .gif or Internet meme between friends can help in bonding too, or at least in understanding each other’s sense of humor.

If you still want to get outside to interact, then do it while taking a walk. Walks are free, full of fresh air, and let you admire the surrounding scenery at your own pace (as opposed to a busy, agitated line for coffee). And one last tip Mehta shares is to consider starting an “article club.” It is just like a book club, except demanding way less commitment, because you only gather around to discuss one article on a unique topic—not a whole book. Because as the Internet meme goes: Ain’t nobody got time for that.

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