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5 Tips to Help Developers Keep Up with Changing Technologies

It is fascinating to see how IT can make so much impact and predict what the future will hold. To be able to adapt to any changes and stay on top, you can’t just stick to the status quo if it makes you stay behind your opponents. In an article for, Thor Olavsrud shares a few tips on how to keep up with the IT game that constantly changes every day:

  1. Use social media to stay on top of trends.
  2. Stay skeptical.
  3. Go to events.
  4. Consider certifications.
  5. Participate in open-source communities.

Play It Smart

Keeping updated with current trends and going along with what is dominating the market are the key. Subscribe to forward thinkers in your sphere on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to know what’s going on. If you think online sources are not enough, go to conferences, boot camps, meetups, and similar events to pick up details and inside stories that don’t usually get published on social media. Interacting with others also gives you first-hand experience with new technologies and create connections with other people. Nonetheless, be skeptical of changes that may not fit the image and practice of your business. Sometimes, newer is not better, and keeping certain traditional ways of doing things may fit with your goals.

As the opportunity arises, dive into the code and participate in open-source communities. You will have a more solid foundation for future project development while learning novel things. Furthermore, consider if necessary a certification to prove that you are at a certain high level of technical competence in a particular technology. Learning is only inspiring when there are still things to learn about, so technological changes are great opportunities to adopt new skill sets and innovate your old ways of doing things:

A simple step you can take toward creating a culture of continuous learning is to encourage development teams to share knowledge with each other, even if they work on wildly different technology stacks. It’s good, [Luke Tillman, technical evangelist for Apache Cassandra at DataStax] says, for developers to have areas they specialize in, a niche they’re passionate about in which they can develop serious depth. But there’s also a lot of value in having a broad technology base, he says. Exposure to different technologies, challenges and solutions can help developers see familiar problems in a new light and with fresh eyes.

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