5 Imperatives Facing CIOs in 2017

CIOs do a lot, and they have a lot on their minds. They seek competitive advantages for the business, generate sales through product development and software applications, and try to be a positive influence on other departments. To keep staying competitive, Art Landro, in an article for The Enterprisers Project, says that there are five key imperatives that CIOs will face in 2017:

  1. CIOs must create organizational data analytics strategies.
  2. CIOs must embrace web technology.
  3. CIOs can’t ignore the desktop but should let go of legacy browsers.
  4. Every CEO will need a trusted technical leader.
  5. Software developers will rule the digital world. CIOs need to find them and keep them.

Make Your Year Great Again

Driving analytic culture is hard, and it is the responsibility of CIOs to shape their company’s data analytics strategies. As organizations seek to take advantage of ever-larger stores and sources of information, data analytics should be taken to another level, even if this means modernizing legacy applications to create new business value from existing applications. The demand for data analytics strategies stems from different factors, including the complexity of data, development of IoT and big data, or increased expectation from application users.

Although mobile is taking over, the desktop will not go anywhere in years to come. As a matter of fact, people still prefer viewing and working on large monitors to smartphones for the sake of convenience. However, CIOs need to lead their team in understanding that it is good to move away from legacy browsers when needed to utilize innovations of web technology. Just cut the cord on Internet Explorer.

Another key challenge that CIOs will have to face is finding and retaining talented software developers. Software developers are the life blood of innovation. Nonetheless, the hiring and retaining processes have never been easy, with complicated applications and having to stay current with candidates. According to Landro, CEOs can play a role in mentoring and supporting CIOs:

As we move deeper and deeper into the digital age and technology becomes more prevalent in all industries, CEOs will become more generalists who are focused on building the right teams to succeed, rather than being an expert in every topic. Every company in every industry will become a technology company – or get left behind. As part of this evolution, the role of the CIO will become increasingly critical. CEOs will need a trusted technical leader who can help create the bridge between the business strategy and objectives and the supporting technological infrastructure, software development, and support needs. This is an opportunity for CIOs to take on a more strategic role in the organization.

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