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4 Ways Sponsors Can Improve Project Success Rates

Project managers and sponsors work hand in hand on projects. Project sponsors play a crucial role in determining the success of a project by participating in the processes funding, scope clarification, progress monitoring, and influencing others. However, project managers and sponsors don’t always think alike. Moira Alexander, in writing for Tech Republic, says that the significant disparity between the expectations of project managers and sponsors resides in the levels of motivation, active listening, communication, and change management support received or provided. But project sponsors can totally bridge these gaps, and increase project success by doing the following:

  1. Garnering support from executives
  2. Resolving difficult roadblocks/issues
  3. Managing stakeholders’ expectations
  4. Supporting, guiding, and promoting the project’s purpose and associated activities

Don’t Be a Bystander

Being a project sponsor doesn’t mean throwing money and resources at a project manager and then standing away from the processes of driving the project to success. Don’t be an outsider or a consultant who is only available when a project team needs your help. Be an active member who contributes your voice and efforts to the project that you invest in. You can give a hand by helping remove roadblocks when project managers encounter serious issues and putting in good words to increase support from senior executives for all projects.

Being a project sponsor also gives you the privilege to be a mentor and a leader. You are expected to be a champion who supports, guides, and promotes the project’s objectives and associated activities. By offering advice to project managers, smoothing the path to success by managing team expectations, and enhancing the team spirit, you play a critical role in furnishing leaders and teams with training, opportunities, and tools that they need to accomplish the goals to succeed. Alexander talks about taking different approaches to assist a project team:

Project management success requires a multi-level approach that includes stakeholders, project teams, a PM, sponsors, and executive buy-in. In order to afford project leaders and teams the best chances for success, sponsorship should be an up front, visible, and integral part of project management. By doing so, it solidifies end-to-end buy-in and establishes a greater connection between tasks, milestones, and company-wide strategic objectives. The sponsorship role is one of great responsibility and great reward.

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