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4 Ways to Network When You’re Not Looking for a Job

If you think the whole purpose of networking is for people to escape boring jobs, then you are totally missing the point. Networking can elevate your skills and resources to make you stronger even in a job where you are already happy. Elizabeth Gore shares four tips at Motto to network in any context.

To begin with, the people you stand to forge the strongest relationships with are the ones you see walk past you daily. So start asking all of these people for just 10 minutes of their time to get to know them better. It is low-commitment and could plant the seed for a meaningful connection down the line.

And sometimes that “line” is very long, for better or worse. If you have a negative connection, it could come back to haunt you when you least suspect it, so do everything in your power to be pleasant (or at least cordial) with people. Being nice is a good rule in general.

Aim whenever possible to make connections that have nothing to do with your job, such as people with whom you just share a common interest. You never know what obscure person might open up great opportunities for you both. Either way, once a connection is made, remember that people do not exist just to make you happy. You need to be willing to help them too.

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