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4 Tips to Network with People outside Your Industry

If you only know people within your industry—or only people within your business—you may not be able to expand your perspective as much as if you had branched into other industries. But it is not too late. Dorie Clark shares some tips to network across industries in an article for Harvard Business Review.

Begin by taking inventory of your existing network. Who are your core people, and who are the next 50ish satellite connections in your “outer circle”? If more than 70 percent of these people belong to the same industry, Clark says you should take active efforts to diversify. For instance, build time specifically for networking into your schedule, so that it does not become a perpetual “I’ll do it later” task. Another thing you can do is to ask your trusted contacts to make recommendations or introductions for you with their own connections.

In any case, remember that building a network is always a case of playing the long game. The payoff may not be obvious at first, but once it hits—you will definitely notice. You can view the original article here:

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