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12 Rules to Maintain Etiquette in All Work Situations

Be yourself, thrive, and do not infuriate anyone along the way. In an article for CareerBuilder, Shannon Lee shares a dozen rules to ensure you are seen in the right light at the office. Here they are in brief:

  1. Avoid social media. Your friends’ lives are not that interesting anyway.
  2. Answer personal calls in private.
  3. Avoid gossip. It just makes you look immature to dwell on such vapid topics.
  4. Keep email formal, at least in the sense of writing proper English. K?
  5. Do not curse. No matter how informal the situation, or how much conviction you feel, do not curse.
  6. Drown out noise with headphones, but do not wear them all day. People will start to think of you as an anti-social mole person, which is bad even if utterly true.
  7. Knock before entering. Personal space matters.
  8. If you are sick, work at home.
  9. Scents travel. Sometimes they travel too far. Be mindful of food and perfume/cologne.
  10. Dress to impress, but do not put on a fashion show.
  11. Do not search for other jobs at work, unless you are trying to get fired anyway.
  12. Remember that people have lives outside of work and respect their time outside of normal office hours.

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