Upcoming Technologies that Will Make a More Exciting World

The future is going to be a really fun place if we can keep our act together long enough to see it. The BBC’s Science Focus has compiled a list of strange and exciting technological developments that could make tomorrow’s world a better place. Here is a handful:

  • Devices that use sound waves to strangle and extinguish fires
  • “Hyperloop” trains envisioned by Elon Musk, which could travel 760 mph
  • Crowd-sourced antibiotics, with bacteria samples swabbed from *ahem* the intimate areas of surfers
  • Smart food labels that more accurately assess “use by” dates
  • Internet for everyone, or at least planting a whole lot of Wi-Fi around
  • Extremely cheap tattoo removal
  • Floating farms—essentially outdoor towers of farms
  • Super-insulated aerogels

For more potential innovations, you can view the full listing here:

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