Speaking Up: What Encourages and Discourages It

There are hills and valleys to communication. Sometimes it is utterly natural; sometimes it is agonizing. International business speaker Mike Kerr shares examples of both in a post at his blog. First, here are some barriers that inhibit speaking up:

  • Utter lack of trust or no infrastructure for ensuring ideas are sent up the leadership chain
  • Lack of encouragement to speak up, accidentally implying that others’ voices are not valued
  • Overly critical managers or fear of reprisal
  • A perception that speaking up will not change anything

Next are some ways to tear down the barriers to speaking up:

  • Offering employees multiple channels with which to provide feedback (face-to-face, email, anonymous suggestion box, etc.)
  • Having managers set specific hours where they are available for discussion
  • Considering creating a feedback platform to arrange and broadcast employee ideas

For even more tips, you can view the original post here:

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