No More Frustration: Speak Up at Work

Sometimes, you work for someone who is just a straight-up dingus, or, worse, a standard jerk. In an article for the Muse, Lea McLeod relates how to speak up in these times of adversity. It beats sucker punching your boss in the parking lot.

When you are regularly dealing with a boss who behaves erratically or even contemptuously, the behavior is never going to get better on its own. You must advocate for yourself if you are to stop suffering inadvertent abuse. In fact, there is a darn good chance the boss does not even realize you are unhappy, which makes you equally at fault if you do not voice it.

So here are some steps to speaking up for yourself:

  • Speak assertively, as opposed to aggressively. Ask to schedule time to talk with your boss.
  • Identify the circumstances of your situation unemotionally and how your boss’s actions are affecting you and your ability to be productive.
  • Prioritize and recommend what changes need to occur for a better work environment.
  • Invite the other person’s feedback in what can be done to solve the problems at hand.

And if that all fails, well, HR is your only hope. You can view the original article here:

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