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Mindset Secrets to Achieve Your Goals Faster

In an article for Entrepreneur, Scott Hansen shares a few small tips to achieve your goals sooner than later. It starts by getting really clear about what you want in the big-picture sense, even getting clear about you how expect that goal to change your life. After that, Hansen says to write down that goal, but to write it in a way that it sounds like you have already achieved it. (“I am so happy and grateful that I finished writing that book.”) He claims that the mind has a hard time distinguishing fantasy from reality, and believing the fantasy will help the reality emerge faster… and honestly, that sounds like total nonsense. So skip that step.

His third step is not to worry so much about the “how” of the goal and instead to focus on the end result… which, again, sounds nutty. Yes, working backward from an end result to formulate a strong plan is often an excellent idea—but that is not what he is suggesting. The way he describes it, it almost sounds like the end result should spontaneously generate into existence. Okay, skip this one too.

His last two tips are to “create a massive emotional connection” to the goal and “obsess over it daily.” Hmm… Alright, look, if you follow this guy’s tips, it is entirely possible you might develop some sort of mania. So this particular article is actually about reminding you that not all goal-setting advice is good advice. Tread lightly. But if you dare, you can view the original article here:

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