How to Get Over a Fear of Speaking Up

When you are new, or when you are just meek, speaking up at work can feel like a risky proposition. But as Jon Simmons explains in an article for Monster, this fear is both natural and probably unfounded. In fact, not speaking up may be more dangerous. Research suggests not speaking up is the first step toward absenteeism, productivity loss, and eventually job turnover. You kind of marginalize yourself out of existence in a negative feedback loop.

To fight back against that threat, just remember a few things:

  • You were hired for a reason, so your voice counts starting on day one. Just remember not to be obnoxious.
  • Disagreeing with the room does not make you wrong. But even if you are wrong, considering contrary arguments can help to increase the validity of the correct argument. It still helps!
  • It is okay if you do not win people over. What matters most is that all well-reasoned arguments are heard, and that feedback is collected from all ends.

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