What Are Companies Looking for in a CDO?

There is a secret behind the success of Uber and Lyft in pushing out traditional taxi companies, and it lies in nothing but digital transformation. Transforming your operation to be more digital-based can drive your business forward and top the competition, but it requires a dedicated professional who knows how to play the game well. It might require a Chief Digital Officer (CDO). The CDO role has been around for a while and is continuing to evolve. In an article for, Rich Hein gathers different opinions of those in the C-suite and describes the ideal type of CDOs that companies need:

  • Skilled in data analytics, technology, and traditional e-commerce marketing
  • Skilled at business strategy, customer engagement, acquisition, and loyalty via digital platforms
  • Understand the markets they serve and are passionate about them
  • Able to formulate strategy, communicate to a number of different stakeholders, and then be able to implement plans and make them a reality
  • Have the leadership capacity to drive real results in transforming processes

Be the Right Arm of the Company

CDOs should help their companies thrive in the information age. It’s critically important that CDOs hear and understand a diverse view of opinions and ideas, and synthesize them into tangible frameworks. They should also possess excellent communication skills, have a good understanding of marketing, and have a strategic head to lead.

Hein also says that CDOs work closely with CEOs and CIOs to make necessary changes to the core process of companies:

Regardless of the reporting structure, CDOs need a strong and active relationship with CIOs if they hope to succeed. “If this interaction works well, the rest of the business will thrive,” says [Mark Orttung, CEO at Nexient].

[Stephen Laster, McGraw-Hill’s first CDO] says McGraw-Hill’s CIO is his best friend. “He is the host of everything I create. We’re two halves of a whole,” he says. “There is nothing I could accomplish without a great CIO.”

Decide if your business is situated in such a way that a CDO might actually be appreciated. You can view the original article here:

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