What Can CIOs Do to Help Businesses Move Faster

It is not uncommon knowledge that digital business strategy is a roadmap for the future of a company nowadays. CIOs in the information age are not only responsible for taking the lead on digital transformation but also driving business fast. Too often technology is the go-to solution to meet customer needs or respond to changes or threats. Quality assurance (QA) and testing aren’t always the first choice of rushed CIOs. However, QA and testing can adapt to digital business to accelerate development and focus on customer needs, depending how you are going to use it.

Tim Sheedy, in writing for Forbes, suggests five changes you can make to your QA team to achieve the maximum speed:

  • Organize testing in a lean way.
  • Use shift-left and shift-right testing.
  • Build a practice for testing skills.
  • Reduce manual testing in favor of automation.
  • Automate test data and environments provisioning.

Don’t Sacrifice Quality

Moving more promptly with speed doesn’t mean moving more slowly in quality. Quality should always be proportional to your work speed. If you see your testing practice is slowing down your ability to deliver quality customer experiences, stop and make changes to your business. Quality is the key in the long run, though speed is equally important. You don’t want to create a mobile app with bad reviews or a smart product that doesn’t work as planned. It will take you even more time to recover and get back at it. And in the meantime, your opponents have gone far ahead. It’s better to move behind a bit but with stable steps if needed.

If speed is your priority, make sure your QA team speak the language of the customer, participating in the ideas-brainstorming and data-testing processes. They should be able to ensure the best quality that customers are looking for to move the business fast forward.

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