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Bad Bosses and How to Deal with Them

Some people rule with charisma, others by fear. You don’t always work with good bosses who care about your well-being and give you honeysweet words. Most people with lots of work experience have at least once dealt with a bad boss. In a post for Fear No Project, Dr. Karen McGraw says that she is not an exception. She categorizes different kinds of bad bosses you may encounter in the workplace:

  • The Bully Boss: those who manage through fear and intimidation
  • The Dreadful Communicator Boss: those who are bad at sharing information, communicating tasks, listening, or all three
  • The Demanding Boss: those who make you feel that you just can’t win. They often set unrealistic goals for the team and blame you when the goals are not achieved.
  • The Micromanaging Boss: those who don’t trust you and may redo your submitted work themselves

Turn the Tables on Leadership

Having a bad boss can reduce your longevity, so you don’t want to create this kind of frustrating experience again for your future employees. To be a good boss whom is well-respected and revered by both subordinates and others is actually not so hard a task. The key is to just be yourself and display professionalism at the same time.

Dr. McGraw suggests a few tips to “rule with a style”:

  • Be authentic and honest in building relationships.
  • Carry a can-do attitude.
  • Be fair and ethical, having a clear code of conduct.
  • Grant and honor autonomy, but help employees do the job all the same.
  • Provide constructive and reinforcing feedback.
  • Have a sense of humor, because it can reduce stress for everyone.

Basically, don’t be a boss who makes life harder for others to live, or someone whose footsteps can scare people from far away. Be a leader whom your subordinates can look up to as a mentor.

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