5 Things That Will Keep IT Execs Up at Night in 2017

A new year comes with new breakthroughs that can make or break the year for IT leaders. It keeps those in the C-suite busier with plans to innovate and adjust to the times. While the list of things to think about increases by the second, Andrew Froehlich touches on top five aspects that will keep IT executive up at night in an article for InformationWeek:

  1. Staffing skills
  2. Legacy apps
  3. Aging infrastructure
  4. IoT project timing
  5. Malware protection strategy

Find Problems Before They Find You

The best way to stay positive in the new year is to identify areas of IT that may make you sleepless at night. The issues of staffing, application and infrastructure budgets, emerging technologies and data protection are likely to be areas of IT that will give you a nightmare if you don’t have an attack plan in advance. Ask yourself questions: Do I have skilled enough IT employees who can adapt to the rapid evolution of technology? Should I continue to manage legacy applications in-house, migrate them to the cloud, or abandon my application for a modern one?

After that, consider upgrading infrastructure to keep things on the track. Leveraging the IoT to stay ahead of the competition is another thing to think about with regard to the price and the risks involved. Froehlich also suggests developing strategy to tighten cyber-security:

The biggest security threat of 2016 is likely to remain the same in 2017. In 2016, the number of malware attempts increased significantly compared to previous years. The level of effort and sophistication by cyber criminals has increased as well due to the fact that the malware business is incredibly lucrative. IT leaders are going to have to sift through all the hype and marketing rhetoric in order to develop a unified security strategy that will reduce malware risk as much as possible. But the sheer number of security tools, architectures and philosophies are going to make the fight against malware a real headache in the coming year.

It’s best to pinpoint potential problems in the coming months now, so you can have a good sleep at night for the rest of the year! You can view original article here:

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