5 Innovations in 3D Printing

There are 3D printers now that can even print the parts to make more 3D printers. The sky is the limit here. In an article for Entrepreneur, Manya Jha pinpoints five of the more notable ongoing innovations with this budding technology:

  1. Food! 3D-printed food will be able to impart precisely the amount of nutrients needed, and in the combinations required. Will it taste any good though? Eh, maybe someday.
  2. 3D-printed shoes, used to fit the precise dimensions of your feet for maximum comfort
  3. 3D-printed organs, which have been successfully transplanted in animals but have not been attempted in humans yet
  4. New, lighter airplane designs, made possible by irregular 3D-printed parts
  5. Consumer 3D printing, printing at an affordable rate that everyone can get in on

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