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4 Ways to Create a Happy and Creative Team

Being happy at work matters. When people are happier, they work harder. However, this still remains an ideal scenario for many companies, especially if their CIOs don’t know how to pry creativity out of workers and push for digital transformation. In an article for ZDNet, Mark Samuels shares a few tips on what CIOs can do to create a happy organization:

  1. Let people know that their work matters.
  2. Show them how IT can change with the times.
  3. Talk openly about your strategic aims.
  4. Encourage your staff to perform to the best of their abilities.

Open the Door of Innovation

Especially in this high-tech era, computer-related work can either help business stand on the peak of a mountain or swimming at the bottom of a slough. Because of that, IT workers matter even more now, and you want to emphasize that to them. Employees need to know that they are working for a reason and contributing to a big goal. Let them also know that their field is one of the most dynamic and susceptible to breakthroughs when the times change.

Samuels in addition says that CIOs should not be afraid to “refocus [their] teams and individual roles.” He includes a few quotes to support this point:

“You need to refocus your teams to become true partners with the business, providing real value and support to enable them to achieve their strategic objectives,” [Interim CIO Christian McMahon, who is managing director at transformation specialist three25] says. “That sounds simple but so many organisations don’t do this until their employee churn rate starts to alarm board members and investors. … If you engage properly with your staff, you will be able to recognise how people might be better suited to another task. Listen to what they say and suggest alternative roles[.]”

Money is obviously king, but when people reach a point where it doesn’t need to be anymore, they will work with passion and you will enjoy great results. You can view original article here:

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