3 Ways to Be on the Right Side of CIO History in 2017

Having a CIO job nowadays is like treading on thin ice. CEOs and board members of companies are reliant on CIOs and putting increased pressure on them to drive businesses forward. Traditional CIOs will easily get kicked out of the big picture if they don’t adapt to the IT changes and display innovative approaches. To make sure that you are on the right side of the CIO divide who thinks creatively and shows competitiveness, Lawrence Guillory suggests a few tips at the Enterprisers Project:

  1. Preach your vision.
  2. Invest in changing your team.
  3. Take immediate action.

Go with the Flow

Things change, and people change. Don’t be a backward and stubborn person who is not willing to change when the times need you to. Show people your passion and ambitions, especially pertaining to how you intend to exploit the cloud and other developments to create new advantages and comptencies. Let them know that you have an innovative vision, you are well-equipped to make it come true, and you don’t hesitate  to exploit new talents, or adopt practices that help accelerate the process.

Finally, don’t wait. Take immediate action once your vision is clear and your human resources are good enough. The keys are always being agile, experimenting, getting help, and getting started. Those who procrastinate are those falling behind and cramping up in a mess of their to-do list. Guillory goes on to explain why CIOs need to adopt a good vision for the new year:

Lack of CIO engagement and dedication to digital transformation is a real problem that CEOs in all industries are becoming frustrated with. 2017 will be the year that having a “maverick” CIO is a non-negotiable and so, with the traditional CIO getting left behind, many new positions will need to be filled. Unfortunately, there are not enough forward-thinking, maverick CIOs, so we will see promotions of the CIO direct reports. I expect we will welcome a lot of first-time, highly-qualified CIOs in 2017.

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