10 Breakthrough Technologies to Watch in 2017

Nobody knows technology like MIT knows technology. MIT Technology Review has compiled a robust list of the technologies likely to make the biggest impacts on our lives, across all industries. Here is a brief rundown of their picks:

  1. Brain implants to reverse paralysis after spinal cord injuries
  2. Self-driving trucks, which, well, might lay off a lot of truck drivers
  3. Using face detection to corroborate identity (e.g., authorize payments)
  4. Quantum computers that are actually viable
  5. Inexpensive 360-degree cameras
  6. Hot solar cells—cheaper solar power
  7. Gene therapy with the ability to delete hereditary disorders
  8. Creating a cell atlas, to see what humans are made of at the smallest levels
  9. Internet of Things on trivial home gadgets, which could have unforeseen consequences
  10. Reinforcement learning, where machines learn big new things all by themselves

You can view any of these in further depth here:

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