The 10 Best Technological Innovations in Fashion So Far

If your T-shirt cannot talk to the refrigerator or change colors on demand, you are behind the times. Well, no, that is not really true, but fashion and technology are colliding in highly practical ways. In an article for Complex, Erica Euse highlights 10 of the most significant advancements so far:

  1. Biometric smart shirts, which can track things like heart rate and calories burned
  2. Pants that charge your phone whenever the phone is in your pocket
  3. Google conductive fibers, which will be woven into garments to perform actions akin to what smart watches can do
  4. Speaking of which—smart watches
  5. Materials that respond to temperatures to keep you feeling just right
  6. Bluetooth-enabled clothes, like gloves
  7. 3D printing that can make you look like whatever crazy thing you want to be
  8. Clothes equipped to make payments, being researched by MasterCard
  9. Smart glasses (somebody will pick up the ball where Google Glass failed)
  10. Solar panel jackets to, for instance, charge your phone

Several of these technologies are available right now, so check them out! You can view the original article here:

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