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IT Workplace Trends for 2017

Technology changes faster than IT, but they are still wound in the same rubber band together. When technology pushes far enough ahead, it ricochets IT forward with it. In a post for SITS, CEO Oliver Bendig discusses what he sees as the trends for IT this year.

The Snap of Progress

The cloud is capable of encompassing and enabling so much technology that it can now store the equivalent of whole work environments. This means remote work opportunities will significantly increase across devices and locations. Bendig goes so far as to call browsers “the new operating system,” with the decision to work or not work always available wherever a person goes.

In turn, workspaces will have to be managed more holistically, allowing daringly for a wider array of devices to be used. This will be done by focusing on user needs and managing a work environment that is divorced from the devices that display it.

Looking even further forward, Bendig believes workstations will evolve into “virtual super assistants”:

Technology will generally become more “empathetic” to work contexts of the future, helping knowledge workers to become more efficient, more productive and more motivated. Time, place, devices, bandwidth and user behaviour will become factors that are automatically taken into consideration in the provision and use of IT services. My workstation will, for example, identify who my next meeting is with and automatically call up our last conversation, recently shared files and the necessary apps. Tomorrow’s workstation will become a kind of super assistant that will quickly learn from my interactions what I need in each specific situation and provide it.

He further muses about the possibilities of Internet of Things, augmented reality, and how they will unite infrastructure across a whole building in the future. But realistically, not a whole lot of that is going to happen in 2017. For a few more forward-thinking thoughts, you can view the original post here:

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