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Why Your IT Support Job Matters

If you work in IT, you work in a structure that is technology-oriented and maybe silo-based. There is this every-man-for-himself mentality and we tend to be safeguarded off from everyone else. Tech work after tech work hits our desks and we muddle through them and on to the next to lighten our hectic load. A change must come to this routine, according to James West in a post for SITS.

Take Pride

No matter the details, every IT support job matters. With this constant concern of clearing our queue, we are failing to think of the overall work that needs to get done. There is no tracking on completion or concern for the resolution, only concern with our workload being lightened:

Collectively, IT is the proud owner of an aggregate of queues that I’ve seen represent up to a fifth of the corporate userbase – or indeed workforce – waiting for IT to complete something. The end result is that the waiting is in effect nobody’s problem directly. The service desk passed the call to desktop, so it’s not the service desk’s problem anymore. Over at desktop, the enquiry hasn’t been assigned yet, so it’s nobody’s problem there either. It will be, eventually – somebody will assign it to Brian – but Brian’s already too busy, with the thirty-odd calls at present in his queue. So it’s not Brian’s problem either. Besides, Brian’s working on a project today. And so on.

We may not ponder it, but there is a cost to the backlog. Therefore, IT staff must not only focus on the technical matters, but as well the throughput of work through the department. IT staff should take a great deal of pride in the work they do, considering how much money they stand to save the company when they work productively.

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