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Shifts in Thought that Will Make You More Imaginative

I think it is fair to say that some people are inherently more imaginative than others. But it is also fair to say that imagination can grow. Marty Neumeier shares a few tips for how you can expand your business imagination in an article for Fast Company.

For instance, you can start to frame challenges as metaphors and pictures. When you take a literal challenge and try to describe it in metaphorical terms, you will probably come up with metaphorical solutions. Perhaps those solutions can then be translated back into literal terms. Thinking in pictures can do the same, by breathing life into static words and allowing you to literally shift your perspective.

Another interesting idea Neumeier shares is to arrange “blind dates” between disparate concepts. He gives the example that combining a Broadway show with a circus performance equals Cirque du Soleil. At the very least, these are all starting points to get you thinking in ways you normally might not.

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