Why Senior Executives Neglect Project Management

Project management is often viewed by senior executives as an unimportant means of strategy execution. Through research, the reasoning has been found to be that organization heads view project management as highly technical, best left to IT people to bang their wrenches at. In an article for, Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez goes over the top three reasons why senior executives neglect project management:

  1. It’s disregarded by business management gurus.
  2. It’s ignored by most top MBA programs.
  3. It’s discounted as a key topic by the finest business publications.

Project Mangled

Business gurus have shaped the way companies do business. They have major influence, and their works are required reading material for almost all business school students. None of them reference project management as an important business methodology or as a critical component of strategy execution. This has led to the lack of recognition for project management today.

Next, only two of the top 100 international MBA programs teach project management as a course. This perpetuates the problem because these programs are the ones developing the world’s future CEOs and senior executives. From an early stage, project management is being undervalued:

The first business school that required its students to take a course in project management is the UK’s Cranfield School of Management, which is ranked 26th in the world. The other business school that teaches project management as a mandatory course is the University of Iowa’s Tippie College of Business, ranked 64th in the world.

Lastly, project management doesn’t make headlines in top business publications like Harvard Business Review or McKinsey Quarterly. It is all a ripple effect. The themes covered in these top publications are the ones popularly addressed by business management gurus, who have already ousted project management. Then these topics go to become part of the curriculum for the MBA programs. Nieto-Rodriguez states, “Only 432 Harvard Business Review articles have been written about project management, which represent less than .50 percent of the total number of articles published.” Suffice to say, a business that does not fully grasp the value of project management is never going to reach its full potential, if it can stay in business at all.

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