Why Scaling Leadership Development Is So Important

Very often, it is the quality of the leadership that decides if an initiative succeeds or fails. That makes it kind of crazy that so many organizations are not more interested in developing their managers at all levels. In an article for, Thuy Sindell shares data on how important it is to scale leadership development opportunities.

Growth at Scale

A study of 655 global organizations found that half of managers admit to “talent hoarding,” where they keep their best employees boxed into their current roles. This is a bad thing, and not just because high-performing organizations are “more than twice as likely to prioritize the movement of talent.” It is bad because employees will never be able to reach their full potential in their current position, which means they will probably leave:

Without leadership training opportunities, employees will undoubtedly get bored. They’ll feel like their career won’t move forward with their current employer, and will move on. As it is, only 15 percent of middle managers in Global 1000 companies surveyed by Insigniam believe they will be promoted to the next level of management at their company. Unsurprisingly, 61 percent said they wouldn’t be happy staying in their job for the next five years.

The alarming stats keep coming: Gallup research from 2015 suggests only 18 percent of current managers have the talent they need for their job. Yikes! It goes to show that learning “on the job” only goes so far; at some point, someone needs to step in and provide formal additional training. To back that up, here is a more promising stat: Employees watched over by highly engaged supervisors are 59 percent more likely to be engaged than those watched over by disengaged supervisors. In other words, when a business makes the legitimate effort to coach its leaders, the benefits will be large and tangible.

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