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How Marketing Needs Closer Ties to IT

Every group and department within the company is equally important, yet IT often gets overlooked, especially in the realm of marketing. Now, marketing is shifting and improving and needs to rely heavily on the help of IT for many reasons. In an article for Harvard Business Review, Adele K. Sweetwood goes over four best practices for marketing and IT working together:

  1. Focus on a common goal.
  2. Collaborate on a digital road map.
  3. Create bridges.
  4. Drive toward a single view of the data.

Empowered Insights

Marketing and IT need to unite on a common goal and focus on it. Those goals likely center around providing business value and improving the customer experience. Sweetwood adds this:

Because we now rely heavily on data and analytical tools to do our work, we need a greater level of help from experts in how we could both create and collect enterprise-level customer data while ensuring data integrity. Without good, clean data we can’t market very well no matter how sophisticated our tools are. We simply didn’t have expertise on our team to maintain these systems. What we decided to do is what every organization should be consider. It’s the most logical option. Make IT your business partner. Let’s call the shift “the emerging IT.”

As IT develops, a focus is being put on external customers. This means IT must be more strategic. That calls for increased conferences and collaboration with marketing. From these discussions, investments and implementations can be prioritized better in an overall road map, considering elements like automation and ways to empower marketers.

After collaboration comes integration. Both departments will then acquire a deeper understanding of each other, leading to a communication bridge being developed and overall allowing IT to deliver a better product for marketing. Lastly, for marketing to reach a single view of data, they will need IT’s support in many areas, including data management, hosting, training, and troubleshooting. If both sides can hold up their end of the bargain, the ultimate benefits will speak for themselves.

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