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Managing IT Projects Offshore: The Project Manager’s Perspective

Many successful businesses know that teams no longer need to be located in precisely the same space to be successful. Working with satellite offices and outsourcing can be standard elements of a project now. In an article for Project Smart, Duncan Haughey looks at the project manager’s viewpoint and shares what he or she should expect from an offshore team.

Expectations Here and Abroad

First, while it may seem like a negative and you would prefer to be in the same time zone, differing time zones may allow for extendable work hours each day. Haughey adds this:

I’ve used the five and a half hour time difference between India and the UK to my advantage. Getting software upgrades deployed during India’s morning helps me avoid disruption to the mostly European user base of my software applications.

Take advantage of technology. Skype is a great quintessential tool. With things like that you can bring so many people together easily. Contrary to a standard conference call via telephone, Haughey has found that people enjoy using the latest technology and are rarely late to meetings via Skype or WebEx.

Next, make sure that you know exactly how you want to address and handle issues, and always keep all who need to be informed in the loop. You need to focus on problem-solving and fast response times. As well, you need to be creative. Within professional standards, do not be afraid to speak your mind or facilitate open discussion for brainstorming. And talk! Keep in constant communication. Have regular updates and honest conversation.

Lastly, gather requirements. They are of the upmost importance. A top-notch business analyst can make all the difference in collecting requirements and documenting them coherently.

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