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Don’t Sabotage Your Motivation to Work

Most people do not need to get motivated to eat pizza and ice cream cake, because those foods are spectacular. Can we train ourselves to think of work with similar enthusiasm (if we do not already)? Jim Stone gives some lengthy musings on the subject for Psychology Today.

He shares a lot of colorful stories that really beat around the bush, but ultimately, he says humans generally crave autonomy, competence, and relatedness. And he believes that work is a good way to find all three. A decent job fosters (job skill) competency and (coworker) relatedness. Autonomy can be found in the way that workers are trusted to produce a worthwhile product for the business. A problem that encroaches though is that the modern world has so many different forms of leisure that any type of work at all can start to taste bad. Workplace gamification has been one of the responses, though its results have certainly varied from one business to another. It may just be up to us to convince ourselves that work is not a bad thing, and it is in fact probably even worth doing.

If you want to navigate Stone’s overwritten quagmire, here it is:

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