Digital Transformation Trends in 2017

Every new year, the hope for terrific progress in the days ahead is renewed. In an article for Forbes, Daniel Newman discusses what he views as big trends in digital transformation for 2017. The reach for the brass ring continues.

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Most businesses have hopped on the bandwagon of making customer experience king, mostly because technology has made it so easy for customers to dump and replace a business whose services are not up to snuff. As a result, companies are looking to engage customers through as many channels with as many customized experiences as possible. As usual, the race to innovate is on.

Newman envisions the significance of APIs increasing greatly due to the increased versatility needed:

APIs are a secret weapon for embracing true digital transformation. eBay and PayPal are two companies that have relied significantly on these technologies, and it’s enabled them manage an incredibly high volume of transactions. As companies seek to tie together more and more best of breed technologies, APIs will play a big part in making this possible. Instead of being forced to marry a platform, the API will open doors for multiple platforms to tie together in an ecosystem that is fast and flexible.

Newman goes on to optimistically predict that more silos will fall in business this year, but as a matter of necessity. Legitimate transformation cannot occur on a localized scale; it requires coordination across the business. And speaking of coordination, remote working will continue to expand in its flexibility. If allowing someone to work on the other side of the world means receiving access to top talent, then businesses are willing to make that sacrifice.

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