Should More Developers Join the C-Suite?

The number of CEOs who were formerly developers may not be bountiful, but it is increasing all the same. In an article for CIO Insight, Aaron Skonnard sees the benefit of more developers ascending into the C-suite. He discusses a few scenarios where developer insight could be a boon.

The Leadership Code

For starters, developers understand the inherent value of information sharing and transparency, both of which need to become greater hallmarks of business. Granted, some protection of information is necessary to safeguard the business. But most of the time, multiple heads are better than one, and will likely lead to more creative solutions to important problems.

Speaking of which, developers tend to take a more precise and formulaic approach to problem-solving. They are shrewd about looking for practical approaches and deciding if the results will suffice. In the C-suite, they might be able to use this perspective to improve the business bottom line.

Lastly, developers understand how critical it is for everyone to be continuous learners. After all, developers who do not keep abreast of technology trends will outdate themselves. It however goes beyond that:

… learning isn’t just for the tech teams. Instilling (and supporting) a bias for learning across the entire organization has an enormous effect on employee morale, engagement and performance.

In addition to learning, developers have a bias for hiring highly talented people. Most developers work on a team and are dependent on their coworkers to do their best work. When it comes time to add someone to the team, they are ruthless in the interview process, probing to discover weaknesses and asking questions to make sure each candidate’s strengths will elevate the whole team. It’s an emphasis that can benefit the entire organization.

Is the next member of your C-suite swelling up the ranks of development right now? Well, nah, probably not, but let’s be optimistic. You can view the original article here:

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