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How to Be the Best Project Manager for Your Team

When it comes to running a business, you simply cannot have your cake and eat it too if you want to get the job done. You cannot be everyone’s best friend for fear of conflict. You have to find the right balance of care and candor in order to be able to lead your team. In a post for Project Management Basics, Dmitriy Nizhebetskiy goes over the dos and don’ts to be the best project manager for your team.

The Dos

  1. Build project management framework
  2. Ensure interactions
  3. Set goals
  4. Empower and lead people

As the PM it is your job to set the boundaries and define the zones of freedom. Being an authoritative dictator will get you nowhere. You need to “sell” the value of the processes, tools, and techniques you have selected to your team. Furthermore, rules you set should have meaning, be valuable and necessary. Next, you have to be a connecter. Facilitate interaction among all. As well, setting goals will make sure the job gets done. It will help delegate work and has the potential to open up opportunity for initiative, improvement, and innovation. Lastly, as the leader you must empower and lead. Allow your teams do their work without you and without taking control. While, you must control them, there are ways to do so without being a dictator.

The Don’ts

  1. “Help” the experts to do their work
  2. Total control over the project
  3. Avoid conflicts

When enlisting the help of a graphic artist, designer, etc. do not tell them how to do their work. You sought out their help for a reason, give clear expectations, but do not sit back and try to tell them ­how to do it. While there is comfort in complete control, doing so will exhaust much effort. It is better to build trust and allow your team to be responsible. The last “don’t” is avoiding conflict. If you are not able to resolve any conflict, you will hinder your project.

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