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6 Ways to Be a Great Boss to Your Intern

Having interns is terrific. They live and die according to your capricious whims, and you can replace them like batteries. Of course—this is only how an awful person thinks. Betsy Aimee provides tips for how to help interns thrive instead of crash in an article for the Muse.

In an ideal situation, you will have had time in advance of the hire to articulate a job description and a robust work plan. In this way, guidelines are established to ensure the intern has a fulfilling and educational job experience. Use the first few days of work with the intern to ensure the right training is provided, that the intern is introduced to staff, and that the intern is given an overview of the organization. Then schedule regular check-ins so that the intern is not forgotten even when work piles up.

It is unreasonable to think that an intern should be assigned no grunt work, but in addition to that grunt work should could some meaningful work that aligns with the intern’s areas of interest. And no matter how intuitive work may seem to you, clarify that the intern understands it; after all, this person might be totally fresh to the business world. Remember that while the intern has a lot to live up to, you have a lot to live up to as well as a mentor.

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