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6 Little Actions Daily to Build Self-Confidence

If you go through the motions of feigning confidence, actual confidence might ultimately result. Jacqueline Whitmore offers some small actions to embody toward this end in an article for Entrepreneur. It begins with general demeanor: Keep your posture straight, chin up, and handshakes hearty. Likewise, talk in a steady voice at a comfortable rhythm.

Dress in a way that feels powerful for your role but agrees with your personality—no need to go loud for loud’s sake. Try to remember to smile, or at the very least, exude something that makes others feel that you are bringing a positive attitude to work. Once you have those basics, then it just becomes a matter of living up to the confidence you are portraying. Make yourself take action in new ways, whether that means forcing yourself to network or taking on new and challenging work. And remember that a big part of confidence is knowing that you are properly prepared, so in this way, knowledge really is power—and confidence too.

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