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5 Simple Ways to Get Motivated at Work

Sometimes the task of “getting motivated to work” can devolve into you sitting at your desk for two hours hating yourself while nothing gets done. How do you penetrate that miasma of indifference? Erica Dhawan has five tips in an article for the Muse.

For times when you feel like you are just going through the motions, keep a “got done” list that itemizes all of the work you have completely recently. You will ideally get a jolt of satisfaction from seeing all the things you have accomplished. Furthermore, reflect on the significance of that work and trace how its completion ultimately helps the business. Along those same lines, seek regular feedback from your boss and others, both for the “‘atta boy” sensation and for the sake of learning things that could help you further develop.

The more variety there is in your work, the easier it is to keep engaged. If you perform more than one type of work, then try to schedule that work evenly throughout your days so that you have opportunities to shift gears and stimulate yourself. Having autonomy in general at work can provide a big boost to motivation. If you feel you do not have enough of it now, talk to your boss about new directions in which you would like to grow, and if there might be leeway for you to explore.

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