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5 Benefits to Capacity Planning for Projects

Imagine having a project you are passionate and dedicated to, but you are falling short of resources to complete it and nobody cares. After months of overtime and frustration, it is likely you may give up on the project or leave the company. In a post for A Girl’s Guide to Project Management, Elizabeth Harrin says capacity planning is the solution to preventing such issues.

Capacity to Succeed

So what exactly is capacity planning? Harrin says, “If your project plan and the payroll system had a baby, it would be capacity planning.” The collaboration of understanding the demand (project plans) and supply (who’s on payroll) is what capacity planning is. To make it short and simple, capacity planning is being aware of who is available at any time for project work in an operative and easy manner. Here are five reasons why you should use capacity planning for your projects:

  1. You maximize utilization.
  2. You have real-time data.
  3. You can plan better.
  4. You can protect your team.
  5. It helps people organize their time.

First, you will be able to accomplish more work with the same amount of people. This means you increase your chances of completing the project successfully and on time. By completing the capacity plan you will be able to have a broader scope of the resources available to your project.

Next, instead of trying to schedule with coworkers and upon the time of meeting finding they are not in the office or available, you can use software to get real-time project-related data. Your on-time delivery chances increase in doing so. But keep in mind that if people do not put forth effort to be honest and accurate of their schedule, it will not be successful.

Third, planning things out better means you are able to utilize resources fully and accurately. You won’t have people sitting around waiting for work. You will know when they are available to do what needs to get done when it needs to get done. Capacity planning has the potential to boost team morale and ensure the work is distributed in a manner to avoid burnout. Going on an individual basis to set availability particularly helps ensure one is not overloaded.

Lastly, the obvious is that capacity planning helps with the organization of your time. People are more productive when they know exactly what they are doing and when it needs to be done.

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