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4 Ways to Stay Super Motivated

Because “acceptably” motivated is not enough, Siimon Reynolds offers to make you super motivated to succeed in an article for Forbes. His steps to getting there largely focus on self-confidence. So if you do not have any, fake it for the next couple minutes.

Reynolds’s first step is to make a genuine commitment to personal excellence, which means that you put forth an A-effort on all the work you produce, no matter how trivial. On top of that, you should see yourself as “unstoppable,” an interesting choice of words: It means that you will fail on occasion in spite of your best efforts, but those failures will never stop you from pushing forward. To drive the notion home, remind yourself daily that you are good at what you do and that you have the capacity to become better yet. And in the evening, spend a few moments to reflect on the good things you have accomplished during the day; far too often, people dwell on the few bad things that have happened, which tend to wash all the good things out of memory.

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