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4 Ways Leaders Can Make Subordinates Feel Included!

Not all leaders and employees get on well with each other in the workplace, especially when leaders are often bossy and dictatorial, and employees feel stressed out and disrespected. The result is lower levels of productivity and more constraints in working environment. This doesn’t benefit leaders or employees, but leaders can actually improve the situation for the sake of their project. Susanne Madsen in a PM Perspectives Blog post suggests that making employees feel included is actually important in helping them innovate and be team players. She proposes that leaders follow the “EACH” framework:

  1. Empowerment
  2. Accountability
  3. Courage
  4. Humility

A Change for the Better

Each person has a different leadership style, and you may not be a participative or democratic leader in nature. However, it is important to make your subordinates feel included so as to easily exploit the bottom of their talent well and take advantage of them to benefit the company. It has been shown that the EACH framework emphasizes both differences and commonalities of people, which brings people closer as a group while valuing their uniqueness. Mastering these four leadership attributes is essential to create a safe and cooperative environment.

The benefits of displaying inclusive leadership have been described by Madsen:

Inclusive leadership has the power to make an enormous difference to the level of innovation and collaboration of a team.

When applied correctly inclusive leadership can provide the tools, behaviours and mind-set for team members to be more effective not only at work but also in their personal lives.

Inclusion happens when leaders value the differences as well as the commonalities of others. It is reinforced when leaders demonstrate the four leadership attributes of the EACH framework: Empowerment, Accountability, Courage, and Humility.

Mastering these allow the leader to create a safe environment where team members can thrive and be their best.

Needless to say, the more included employees feel, the more satisfied and attached they will be with their work and the company. This is a good way to retain employees and pry loyalty out of your subordinates. You want to have devoted people who trust you and are willing to give you their best shot. So give them a reason for doing that, sit back, and enjoy the good work!

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