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4 Tips for Managing a Diverse Project Team

The fact that only one third of the tech workforce is composed of women, with an even lower percent of Hispanics and African Americans employed, has called many companies to actively pursue workplace diversity. With this expected change, project managers need to adjust to lead a diverse project team. In an article for Tech Republic, Mary Shacklett offers four tips on how to do so:

  1. Explain project objectives in plain English and let your project leads take it from there
  2. Stress projects values so focus is on conquering obstacles and meeting deadlines.
  3. Focus on the project at hand, not on personalities
  4. Maintain project management consistency at all costs.

Be aware that your team member’s native language may not be English, and they might need extra attention to make sure that they understood the work directives clearly. Be available to them until things have really taken off and you feel confident they are set to go.

Next, make sure everyone is on the same page. Let it be clear that deadlines need to be met and results need to be delivered. Leave no doubt to any involved what needs to be done.

Factor in some team building exercises into your timeline. As well, address any biases that could cause a hindrance. Encourage all to look at things from a new and outside perspective. “The more you can sensitize your team leads to these situations in advance, the more equipped they will be to value the creative energy that diverse minds can bring to a project, “Shacklett says.

Lastly, be consistent in all you do. Your team will always know what to expect of you and will develop a sense of security.

“Diversity has real value,” said Manny Medina, CEO and co-founder of Outreach, a sales and CRM solutions provider. “You can bring in a diversity of ideas and perspectives to a project that isn’t possible if you are just aggregating opinions from team members who share the same point of view.”

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