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3 Ways to Motivate You to Go to Work Everyday

Businesses do not always understand what the most effective ways to motivate employees are, which means you might just have to motivate yourself. Ben Fanning shares three ways in an article for Lifehack. One of them is to remind yourself “why” you work, in both the short and long term. Short-term, you might be gunning for a promotion to a better gig; long-term, you are probably looking to provide for yourself and maybe a family. These are noble aims.

Another thing to do is to strategically plan when you stop your work for the day, perhaps when you are close to (but not quite) done with a task. By doing this, when you return to work you will be able to immediately jump into finishing that task, prepping your brain to shift back into “work mode” with a minimum of fuss. Along those same lines, take control of the first couple hours of your day—try to schedule in activities that give you something to look forward to, such as a coffee meeting with a bright colleague. Life does not need to end when you walk through the doors each morning.

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