Who Is Your Transformation Leader?

Being a leader means nothing if you are not effective, especially when it comes to transitioning and transformation. When selecting the person at the head of a transformation, their effectiveness in helping to shape the vision and guide strategy is essential. In an article from Deloitte, suggestions are given on what to look for when picking an effective leader for transformation.

Transformational Traits

First, this person should have a deep knowledge of the organization. The leader must know the ins and outs and recognize this transformations success is pivotal for the whole. Second, they should have strong relationships across the organization and strong political capital. Third, there needs to be a history of providing successful results:

Transformation is about establishing a vision for the end-state operating model, developing a clear roadmap to get there, and then leveraging your team to execute with great efficiency and speed to deliver that end-state vision.

Rounding out the list of qualifications are a track record of decisiveness and relevant experience. Experience in this case does not necessarily mean transformation experience, but rather experience in leading in general.

An important thing to keep in mind when selecting someone is that you are going to be taking them away from their normal, everyday job tasks. Their soul attention needs to be provided to the transformation. However, the leader doesn’t have to hit all of the previously mentioned points. Think about your transformation requirements and the various skills you will require of the leader.

You might think that the CIO is the best candidate to tap for this crucial role, but Deloitte actually cautions against it. Why? Because if the CIO is the transformation leader, the CIO won’t have any time leftover to actually be CIO! Regardless of who is chosen though, the transformation leader should both report to a steering committee and also be on the committee. In this way, the person can still be held accountable and–in extreme cases–be replaced if the person does not pan out in that role.

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