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Stepping Stones in a Project Management Career

In a post for the PM Perspectives Blog, Lindsay Scott offers guidance to project managers who are considering a change in industry. First, don’t make a far leap. Carefully consider the industry you want to move into. Making a total 180 is not a good plan. Consider what sector or type of organization is most likely going to view your previous experience as similar.

Hop and a Skip

Think about the stepping stones. It is more than likely your first move is not going to be a great leap, and that is okay. You can still plan for more stepping stones towards a greater goal in the future. It is more conducive to consider your move in incremental steps. Scott gives a hypothetical example of an IT project coordinator who wants to become a financial services project manager within five years, which could become possible through these steps:

  1. Try to make the transition to Project Manager within current organization
  2. Not possible to make an internal move – look for a project coordinator role in another IT organization that has more promotion prospects then work towards that promotion.
  3. Or look for Assistant Project Manager roles in another IT organization
  4. After 12-18 months, start looking for IT based project roles in financial organizations – either as Assistant PM or PM

Job advertisements for project management roles in the industry you are interested in will have certain requirements, so make sure that you are prepared in terms of the training and accreditation you might need. And to reiterate, do really think about the industry and type of role you want to have before you start making big plans. Big accomplishments require big efforts, and you do not want to put in big effort to realize halfway through that you have been chasing after the wrong thing.

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