Skills the CIO Wants from the CDO

With the recent and rapid growth of the CDO’s role changing to support the CIO, many are left unclear on the skills and requirements needed to help transition smoothly to this shift. In an article written by Chloe Dobinson in CIO UK, four skills are discussed that every CIO wants from their CDO:

  1. Analytically-minded
  2. Security-aware
  3. Strategic
  4. Grasps the business

Not-So-Surprising Qualities

First, CDOs need to create a data and analytics strategy in gathering information across the business on the investments. Dobinson says, “A data strategy would see leadership skills emerge from a CDO in building relationships with other departments and working out how to monetize data in the organization.”

Security awareness is another essential skill, as this is a major concern for many organizations. The CDO’s role includes how data is accessed and handled in protecting the business. Some companies have the CDO working with the CISO developing an analytics strategy for the organization. The CDO needs to work along with the CIO and CISO to communicate the security goals of how they can align the data information with the business strategy. Dobinson says, “A CDO’s responsibility will include the lead role in managing and protecting the privacy of the business information and security details.”

CDOs need to be strategic. For a CDO to be strategic, he or she must move away from older, clunkier models of data information. CIOs may be lacking the skill of being able to pioneer forward-thinking analytics, so it is time for the CDO to shine in this respect.

Lastly, CDOs have to understand the business. For the CIO, it is a priority that he or she collaborates effectively with the CDO on how the data strategy can develop the business. A greater comprehensive understanding of the business will be created with the relationship being built between the CIO and CDO, which will in turn generate greater insights.

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